"During the performance the body of the mime actor becomes the mirror of his thoughts and emotional experiences (...)"
Stefan Niedziałkowski
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V Międzynarodowe Warsztaty Teatru Sztuki Mimu
V International Mime Art Theatre Workshops

Author and artistic director - Stefan Niedziałkowski

Organized by: ZASP with IMKA Theatre and Mazovia Region Centre of Culture and Arts,
Warsaw (POLAND)
Dates: 25-28th of May, 2013

„Silence of the Body/Milczace Cialo” are created from WORKSHOPS, PRESENTATIONS and PREMIERE of Mime Art Theatre perfomance. During 4 days of “Silence of the Body/Milczace Cialo” international workshops registered participants will have chance to work with:
  • Stefan Niedzialkowski (Poland)
  • Terry Press (Canada/Mexico)
  • Nobuko Press Kayashima (Japan/Mexico)
  • Philippe Minella (France/Switzerland)
  • Iris Weder (Switzerland)
  • Lina do Carmo (Germany/Brazil)

After each day of workshops will take place PREMIERE of the new performance of Mime Art Theatre, directed by Stefan Niedzialkowski and PRESENTATIONS - short lecture demonstrations to the public presented by Stefan Niedzialkowski and artists from Brazil, Switzerland and Mexico.

All interested in workshops participation are requested to complete this applications form and send it by e-mail to the address: info@mimearttheatre.pl until the 20th of May 2013.
The number of participants is limited. Confirmation of participation acceptance will be send by e-mail.

download application form >>

Workshops fee: 300 PLN

Project financed by The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage