"During the performance the body of the mime actor becomes the mirror of his thoughts and emotional experiences (...)"
Stefan Niedziałkowski
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VII Międzynarodowe Warsztaty Teatru Sztuki Mimu
VII International Mime Art Theatre Workshops

Author and artistic director - Stefan Niedziałkowski

Organized by: Mazovia Institute of Culture in Warsaw/Poland
Dates: 30th & 31st May 2015

This year during the “Silence of the Body/Milczace Cialo” the entire attention will be focused on the creative work of the actor of silence. The Workshops, for those participating, will occur only as a first part of the Presentation for the Public on May 30th and 31st 2015 in MIK in Warsaw.

The workshop participants will work, for an hour, on stage in front of the public with Stefan Niedzialkowski and the dancer RUI Ishihara.

After a short intermission, the premier of the performance of The Mime Art Theater titled “Milczacy Aktor Podczas Pracy/Actor of Silence at Work” will begin. The performance is a specific invitation for the public to the Studio in which is happening the unique work on the body, as not entirely discovered instrument and mirror. That mirror allows the actor to express his or her thoughts, emotional stages, and human experiences. As always, the performance is created especially for this occasion by Stefan Niedzialkowski.

The exercises, rehearsals, and fragments of the performances will be created in direct contact with the viewer.

After the premier of the performance there will be a meeting between the public, the artists, and the workshop participants. This year, Stefan Niedzialkowski invited Rui Ishihara, Japanese dancer, to teach a workshop and to present the essence of his art form.

Important! During the events fragments of a documentary film, which is currently being created in collaboration between Stefan Niedzialkowski and Andrzej Michalowski, will be made. The film will be about the work of the Actor of Silence- Creator. The work on the film began in February 2015 and will continue thorough out the year.

Before each evening’s event, on May 30th and 31st, the public as well as those participating in the workshops will be asked to give permission to be filmed.

Those interested in this year’s workshops should complete an application and mail it to Stefan Niedzialkowski via email: stefan.niedzialkowski@mimearttheatre.pl by May 10, 2015 . For this year’s unusual workshops only 7 people will be selected to participate that’s why we ask for early applications so that Stefan Niedzialkowski can talk with each of the candidates in order to make decision. download a form >>

In order to take part in the events each participant will need to consent to the possibility of being filmed and potentially appearing in the film.