"Podczas spektaklu ciało aktora mima staje się zwierciadłem myśli i przeżyć emocjonalnych (...)"
Stefan Niedziałkowski
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VII Międzynarodowe Warsztaty Teatru Sztuki Mimu
VII International Mime Art Theatre Workshops

Author and artistic director - Stefan Niedziałkowski

Warsaw/Poland: 30-31.05.2015

Organizer: Warsaw: Mazovia Institute of Culture in Warsaw/Poland

Stefan Niedziałkowski
outstanding mime artist. Actor, director, choreographer, author of screenplays for mime theatre, teacher. In the years 1964-1975 actor of the Wrocławski Teatr Pantomimy Henryka Tomaszewskiego (Wroclaw Pantomime Theatre of Henryk Tomaszewski), from 1975 initiator, co-founder and actor of the Mime Scene by the Warszawska Opera Kameralna (Warsaw Chamber Opera). In the years 1979-1993 he is an active mime artist in the USA. He opens a mime school in Manhattan and creates his own pantomime ensemble. He is often invited by Marcel Marceau to give lectures in the famous school Ecole Internationale de Mimodrame de Paris Marcel Marceau. In 1994 he becomes artistic director of the Warszawski Teatr Pantomimy (Warsaw Pantomime Theatre) in the Państwowy Teatr Żydowski im. E. R. Kamińskiej (E. R. Kamińska State Jewish Theatre) in Warsaw and sets up the Mimes Studio in the Teatr na Woli im. Tadeusza Łomnickiego (T. Łomnicki Theatre “in the Wola District”) in Warsaw. He is the originator and creator of The International Mime Art Festival. In the years 2000- 2004 he was the artistic director of this Festival. The Mimes Studio of Stefan Niedziałkowski has been in operation at Mazovia Region Centre of Culture and Arts since 2005.
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Dancer and choreographer. Deeply inspired by Tatsumi Hijikata and Kazuo Ohno, the founders of butoh dance. He started his career in 2000, first as a contemporary dancer. Then, he has found the direction of his artistic path through meetings with such dancers as Kazuo Ohno, Min Tanaka, Simone Forti (postmodern dance). In 2006, he began his life project “Kanademai”, a dance pilgrimage. He gives offering dance in variety of natural and artificial locations, and it appeared, so far, in Italy, Ireland, France, Germany, Poland, as well as in Japan. Since then, he has started collaboration with various artists and musicians in Europe. In 2009, he settled in Warsaw, where he continues his research on dance and body. In recent years, while working as a dancer and as a choreographer, he started career in different fields of arts, among others, in acting and in singing, which broaden his perspective in his research.

„Dance tells us what Life is about- we are the Life itself Dance is always present here, there, everywhere. I want do became a Dance- in one moment the countless resonances echo and flash all together in a spacetime- they became a dance here and now, the dance of existences meeting in harmony”