"During the performance the body of the mime actor becomes the mirror of his thoughts and emotional experiences (...)"
Stefan Niedziałkowski
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Dear All,

This website is a main source of information about my creative work, which currently concentrates mainly on the activity of The Mimes Studio.

You could also find here information about the newest project of mine – "International Mime Art Theatre Workshops - SILENCE OF THE BODY/MILCZACE CIALO". The first edition began in May/June 2009. This year is the 8th edition taking place in Mazovia Institute of Culture in Warsaw/Poland on 21-22 May 2016 .

During the 8th edition of international workshops and presentations "Silence of the Body/Milczace Cialo" in 2015 will be presented a performance "KREATOR", which premiere took place in 2015.

Additionally, I would like to acknowledge helping me in creation of this website to Bartek Slabuszewski and Eliza Zakrzewska.

I warmly entreat you to look at all e information written on this website.

Stefan Niedzialkowski

The premiere of "KREATOR - INTUITION" performance
and presentation of the materials to the movie "KREATOR"

produced by Andrzej Michałowski and Stefan Niedziałkowski

as a 2 part of VIII edition of International Mime Art Theatre Presentations
"Silence of the Body/Milczące Ciało"

Take place on 20th of December 2016 at 19:OO hours
in Theatre Institute/Instytut Teatralny in Warsaw, Jazdów 1 Street



Movies with Stefan Niedzialkowski's art and selected fragments of Mime Art Theatre performances

photos from "Kreator-Intuition. Wedding To The Art" performance (2016)

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