Photo by Julia Mieczkowska

Actor Of Silence
At Work

Premiere: 30/05/2015
Script, choreography and direction: Stefan Niedziałkowski
Music: Agnieszka Zdrojek–Suchodolska
Scenography: Justyna Oleksiak
Cast: Małgorzata Zdrojek–Toniszewska, Junko Koma, Aneta Rajner, Patrycja Pendrakowska
Performance dates: 30–31/05/2015


The performance is an invitation for the public into the Studio in which the unique work on the body as a not entirely discovered instrument and mirror is happening. That mirror allows the actor to express his or her thoughts, emotional stages, and human experiences. The exercises, rehearsals, and fragments of the performances were created in direct contact with the viewer. After the premiere of the performance there was a meeting between the public, artists, and workshop participants.