Photo by Julia Mieczkowska

Duch Dźwięku
/ Spirit of Sound

Premiere: 19/05/2014
Script, choreography and direction: Stefan Niedziałkowski
Scenography and costumes: Justyna Oleksiak
Music: Wojciech Konikiewicz
Cast: Anna Rudzińska–Kon, Aneta Rajner, Joanna Różnowska, Junko Koma, Małgorzata Zdrojek–Toniszewska
Performance dates: 20/09/2015, 19–20/05/2014

Program Japan
Poster Japan
Poster Poland

"Duch Dźwięku/Spirit of Sound" is a poetic vision of an inner journey to the source of life energy. Sound manifests the presence of life that we feel within ourselves. The spirit of sound is the spirit of the existence of life. Sound emerges from silence, and images emerge from the depths of darkness. Shapes, life forms and the mystery of existence are created. Characters appear experiencing the conflicts of the surrounding world with transformations of inner sensations, thoughts, feelings and emotions. Reality mixes with images recalled from memory, penetrates into visions existing in the imagination, and dreams become the real feeling of life. The consciousness of existence awakens into infinity and eternity. Fragments of life merge, moments of sensation come closer, the image of Existence is formed, and the sound of the immortal soul becomes perceptible. Stefan Niedziałkowski