Photo by Julia Mieczkowska


Premiere: 04/12/2015
Script, choreography and direction: Stefan Niedziałkowski
Cosumes and make–up: Anna Rudzińska–Kon
Music: Agnieszka Zdrojek–Suchodolska
Cast: Stefan Niedziałkowski, Junko Koma, Aneta Rajner
Performance dates: 04–05/12/2016

Poster 2016
Poster 2015

Inconceivable are the experiences, sensations and feelings of the artist who’s trying to reveal an image taken from invisible spaces. To find the reflection of the given image in oneself and retrieve it from the depth constitutes the craving of expressing the most secret truths existing in human’s consciousness. In order to achieve it, he needs to go through demanding process of artistic researches. Continuous battle with feebleness, experiencing complicated transformation, lost in chaos, uncertainties and fears intertwine with determination and the passion of creation. Everlasting revivals after falls and failures awaken the artist’s intuition, leading him to looking for the aim. The man finds the sheer truth hidden in darkness, which enlightens artist’s consciousness and through his body it becomes visible. Feeling every single experience, the Kreator becomes simultaneously the creator and the creation of mysterious power of the art—the eternal art. Stefan Niedziałkowski