Photo by Artur Oleszczuk

Nature Elements

Premiere: 30/10/2022
Script, choreography and direction: Stefan Niedziałkowski
Costumes: Beata Świerczyńska
Music: Agnieszka Zdrojek–Suchodolska
Cast: Stefan Niedziałkowski, Mirella Kurkowska, Mariusz Dorot, Maria Zawadzka


"Nature Elements Human" refers to the coexistence of man with nature and other diverse forms of life. The performance is a continuation of the thought contained in our previous performances, such as "Profundity" and "Ephemeral Existences". When we dive into the world of imagination, and each time we fall asłeep, we leave our body and return to it when we awake. The metamorphoses of our inner journey reveal the astonishing similarity of human attitudes and behaviors with fauna, flora, and anything that breathes and exists on Earth. The consciousness penetrates the endless diversity of forms of life and the elements become palpable in our experiences. Sunrises and sunsets, the changing seasons, the powerful force of the elements, and the violent and dramatic transformations in nature bringing devastation and death—all are reflected in the spiritual life of a human. In our performance, the awakening brings revelation, but also great awe and respect for life in which both the inner world and the outer world meet in a human, leading him to happiness. Stefan Niedziałkowski