Premiere: 26/05/2024
Script, choreography and direction: Stefan Niedziałkowski
Music: Agnieszka Zdrojek–Suchodolska
Costumes: Barbara Romanowska
Make–up: Róża Zimnoch
Cast: Maria Zawadzka, Mariusz Dorot

Poster 1
Poster 2

This theme gives me a chance to show the depth of the inner life of a human being and the dramatic experiences he has to face throughout their life. Unfortunately, often these experiences must remain hidden in one’s soul. The way of showing these important problems and the transformations taking place in the mind of a human, seen through the eyes of the theatre beyond words, becomes seemingly light–hearted and perhaps even funny at times. Before the premiere performance of "Płeć/Gender", during the intermission, as well as at the end of the evening, you will be able to see an exhibition by Anastasiia Mohil—a young Ukrainian artist. Her works impressed me, as in her drawings I saw the nooks and crannies of the human soul similar to the one that exists in our performance. Anastasiia looks into the depths of a person in a mature and very interesting way. I think that her exhibition of works corresponds perfectly with our performance.   Stefan Niedziałkowski