Photo by Artur Oleszczuk


Premiere: 19/11/2007
Script, choreography and direction: Stefan Niedziałkowski
Scenography consultation: Liliana Jankowska
Music arrangement: Stefan Niedziałkowski
Music edit: Grzegorz Lindemann
Sound: Waldemar Kaczmarek
Light: Stanisław Kuć
Performance dates: 20/11/2007, 19/11/2007

Part I: "Who I Am"
Performer: Junko Koma
Music: performed by Geino Yamashirogumi, composed by Shyouji Yamashiro

Part II: "Profoundity"
Music: Bohdan Mazurek
Performers: Małgorzata Zdrojek-Toniszewska, Helena Bytnar, Katarzyna Czapla, Mariusz Dorot, Anna Kon, Katarzyna Kryczka, Katarzyna Lalik, Joanna Osowska, Anna Rabczyńska, Eliza Zakrzewska

Part III: "Body and Soul"
Music: Bogdan Mizerski
Performers: Junko Koma, Sławomir Sewerynowicz

"Profundity" is a performance prepared with The Mimes Studio especially for the opening of "Art of Acting In Movement Theatre. International Presentations. Stefan Niedziałkowski". It aims to present the difficult yet beautiful work of the artist–mime as a silent actor, who aspires to a state in which his body will show the changeability of thoughts and emotions. Wandering through the labyrinth of experiences, thoughts, sensations, feelings and emotions, we delve into the inside of the imagination, trying to understand the mystery of existence. Profundity as the mirror of silence becomes eternal by experiencing the transience of existence. The metamorphoses which take place in the mind and body expose the secrets of our existence. Passing time affects our consciousness and subconsciousness. The visions which appear in our imagination penetrate our memory, and the diversity of thoughts develops our dreams. What we cannot understand, we try to express in the passion of creation. Dreams, which we do not comprehend, are part of the mystery of existence, and what we cannot express is the profundity of our silence. Stefan Niedziałkowski