Photo by Artur Oleszczuk

The Nest

Premiere: 31/10/2021
Script, choreography and direction: Stefan Niedziałkowski
Scenography and costumes: Anna Rudzińska–Kon
Music: composed by Mieczysław Litwiński, performed by Saba Zuzanna Litwińska, Mieczysław Litwiński
Cast: Stefan Niedziałkowski, Aneta Rajner, Sławomir Sewerynowicz, Artur Toniszewski, Saba Zuzanna Litwińska, Mieczysław Litwiński


The Nest. The Oasis of the homeless artists. The Garbage on an island surrounded by nothingness. Contemplation of homeless artists transforms the garbage of their life into an oasis of art. Reflecting on the successes of their professional life and deliberating on the art, they perceive emotions to the extent and brightness they have never experienced before. The artists treat the garbage as if it was a scene in a theatre, an art gallery or a concert hall. But primarily, it becomes a laboratory work on their self-awareness. Over here, the beauty is found to be more beautiful, the truth is born in discovering in oneself the spirit that lives in every living creature. The universal spirit provides artists with the feeling of the exceptional happiness that is reflected in their art. The garbage witnesses creation of a unique bond between the homeless artists fulfilled with the spirit of virtue. The bond raises unique emotional experiences, giving deeper meaning to human's existence reshaped by the art. The nest is home to a homeless, but free and happy human. Stefan Niedziałkowski