Photo by Artur Oleszczuk

Ephemeral Existences

Premiere: 16/12/2018
Script, choreography and direction: Stefan Niedziałkowski
Scenography: Anna Rudzińska–Kon
Music: composed by Mieczysław Litwiński, performed by "Sol e Luna" duo (Saba Zuzanna Krasoczko and Mieczysław Litwiński)
Cast: Aneta Rajner, Sławomir Sewerynowicz
Performance dates: 16/02/2020, 01/06/2019, 16/12/2018

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True and sincere happiness exists only in moments in a human's lifetime. At those moments of joy, it can come like a brilliant stroke of genius that allows a person to experience the mysterious coexistence with nature and the various forms of life. Such experiences are fleeting but they enrich inner life and bring human's awareness about the life as the existence in that specific period of time. At times, a gaze that is reciprocated is enough to create spiritual connection between two human existences that may affect the whole life. In the state of love, the emotions and thoughts of one person pass through the second person thus creating new, previously non–existent spaces that enable to feel that sense of existence of two beings as a couple more truly and deeply. Thinking about the remarkable experiences that accompany dreams, a person keeps in the mind the visions of the world that does not yet exist, takes images out of the dreams and move them into reality, reliving the emotional sensations that evaporate with reminiscence. Sunrises and sundowns, changing seasons, tremendous power of elements of nature, sudden and dramatic transformation of nature wreaking havoc and spreading death—these transformations do not only appear in nature, but they also appear in spiritual life. The phenomena of dying and rebirth that exist in the human find their reflections in eternal rebirth of the Sun. Stefan Niedziałkowski