Photo by Julia Mieczkowska

VI Edition
Si­lence of the Body/
Mil­czące Ciało
Inter­national Mime Art Thea­tre Presen­tations

Warsaw: 19–22/05/2014
Tokyo: 07–10/11/2014

Organized by:
Warsaw: Mazovia Region Center of Culture and Arts
Tokyo: Japan Art Mime Society, Theater X (cai), Adam Mickiewicz Institute in Warsaw

Author and artistic director: Stefan Niedziałkowski

Featured performances:
Duch Dźwięku
/ Spirit of Sound
/ Mime Art Theatre

Program Japan
Poster Japan
Poster Poland

50th anniversary of Stefan Niedziałkowski artistic work, Polish–Japanese Mime Art Theatre Presentations

"Silence of the Body / Milczące Ciało" consists of workshops, presentations and a premiere of Mime Art Theatre perfomance. During the last 2 days of the event (21st and 22nd of May 2014) registered participants will have a chance to work with Stefan Niedziałkowski and Japanese artist JIDAI. On 19th and 20th of May 2014 a premiere of the new performance by Mime Art Theatre directed by Stefan Niedziałkowski will take place, followed by presentations: short lecture demonstrations to the public presented by Stefan Niedziałkowski and JIDAI.


All interested in workshops participation are requested to complete an application form and to send it by e-mail before 10th of May 2014. The number of participants is limited. Admission confirmation will be send by e-mail.

+48 505 891 277

Featured Performances

Duch Dźwięku / Spirit of Sound performance thumbnail

Duch Dźwięku
/ Spirit of Sound

Mime Art Theatre

Guest Artists


JIDAI is from Tokyo. He began his independent study of pantomime in 1985. He studied Japanese traditional dance Nihon-Buyou with Tamasaho Fujima. He gained knowledge about Mime Art Theatre from Terry Press—the best student and assistant to Stefan Niedziałkowski. In 2010, he started "JIDAI Organic Mime" and in 2012, founded and became a chairman of Japan Art Mime Sosciety. His theatre is both poetic and surreal: it mixes poetry with his original mime technique "human computer graphics". JIDAI has performed during fashion shows, operas, and dance performances. His other pursuits include martial arts, meditation, and methods of breathing. He has written four books and published three exercise DVDs on the topic of body and mind.

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