Photo by Artur Oleszczuk

XI Edition
Si­lence of the Body/
Mil­czące Ciało
Inter­national Mime Art Thea­tre Presen­tations

Organized by: Mazovia Institute of Culture
Author and artistic director: Stefan Niedziałkowski

Featured performances:
The Nest / Mime Art Theatre
Fatum / Junko Koma
She / Małgorzata Zdrojek–Toniszewska

Guest performances:
Palimps Gestures / Lina do Carmo


31/10/2021 / 18:00

Mazovia Institute of Culture


During the 11th International Mime Art Theatre Presentations "Silence of the Body / Milczące Ciało" a premiere of the new Mime Art Theatre performance, "The Nest", will take place. The evening will also feature solo Mime Art Theatre performances by Junko Koma and Małgorzata Zdrojek–Toniszewska, as well as a solo performance by this year's special guest, Lina do Carmo. Lina do Carmo presents four solo pieces, either her own or from the repertoire of Marcel Marceau (1923–2007) and Valeska Gert (1892–1978). By invoking these remarkable artists who permeate her predilection as performer and choreographer, Lina encourages us to think about gestures that awake our own bodies, but also about the theme of repetition. In this paradigm, the reinvention of gestures would also be explained—how the title "Palimps Gestures" suggests—as an act of digging the past in order to expose it, and of reusing the flow from the past to the present, to enable the construction of a living memory.

Featured Performances

The Nest performance thumbnail

The Nest

Mime Art Theatre

Fatum performance thumbnail


Junko Koma

She performance thumbnail


Małgorzata Zdrojek–Toniszewska

Guest Performances

Palimps Gestures guest performance thumbnail

Palimps Gestures

Lina do Carmo

Guest Artists

Lina do Carmo

The German-Brazilian Lina do Carmo is an internationally active representative of body art, who is known as a mime, dancer and choreographer as well as for her research activities. She has developed a visual body language that transcends cultural, artistic and technical boundaries, in which she authentically expresses her ideas. The dance experience she teaches is based on academic research on cults, rituals and the rock art of archaeological sites (PhD in Performing Arts, Master in Dance) on the one hand, and on her training in various theatrical and dance techniques (classical, modern and contemporary) and especially the art of gestures of the master pantomime Marcel Marceau on the other.

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