"During the performance the body of the mime actor becomes the mirror of his thoughts and emotional experiences (...)"
Stefan Niedziałkowski
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Silence of the Body

author and artistic director - Stefan Niedzialkowski

place: Mazovia Region Centre Of Culture And Arts, Warsaw, Elektoralna Street 12
date: 30th , 31st of May, 1st of June 2009>

Dear All,

‘Silence of the Body - International Mime Art Theatre Workshops’ are my recent artistic endeavor, carried out by the Mazovia Region Centre of Culture and Arts in Warsaw. Since 2005, the Centre has hosted The Mimes Studio, run by myself. In the Studio, I continue work directed at exploring and mastering the art of the silent actor who creates his own original theatre of movements.
In order to appreciate the beauty and the mystery the mime art theatre (modern art of mime), we must first concentrate on the work of the mime actor, who has consciously resigned from the spoken word in his theatre and chosen movement as the most important means of expression. The mime actor acts in the sphere of movement and motionlessness, and so in the sphere of deep internal contemplation and the dynamic diversity of changes of the body.
His silent body becomes the instrument of drama expression and the mirror of transformations of thoughts and emotional experiences.
Mime acting should be the essence of the truth, i.e. an authentic internal experience of the actor. The power of the mime art does not depend on the innovativeness of the performance, or the stage props, costumes, lighting, decoration, neither does it depend on music. The decisive factor is only the actor himself. I do not hesitate to say that the source and essence of the art of acting in movement theatre is the art of mime corectly understood, in which the mime artist becomes a silent actor.

Therefore I called the workshops “Silence of the Body – Milczace Cialo”.

Stefan Niedzialkowski