"Podczas spektaklu ciało aktora mima staje się zwierciadłem myśli i przeżyć emocjonalnych (...)"
Stefan Niedziałkowski
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Stefan Niedziałkowski - recenzje

Fragmenty wybranych recenzji (USA, Paryż)

"Niedziałkowski, who created all the pieces and dominates the first half of the program as a performer, is a commanding artist… With the finale, a piece about evolution called Time’s Sculptures, in which he does not appear, he also proves he’s a masterful director-choreographer."
Detroit News, 1990

“… monumental … strikingly beautiful… the gentle touch of genius.”
Dance Magazine, 1989

“… one of the worlds most important practitioners of this rarefied dance form.”
Philadelphia Magazine, 1987

“… the artist took command of the performing space with splendid authority… His range is extensive. He can evoke the noble savage or the simpleton with a turn of the head, a twist of the torso.”
Philadelphia Inquirer, 1986

“Niedzialkowski is a master of the small but blossoming detail.”
Philadelphia Welcomat, 1986

“A convincing union of descriptive and lyrical gestures—a ‘whole body mime’.”
Village Voice, 1984

“Stefan Niedzialkowski’s artistic genius is beyond question… One of the most outstanding performers…”
Attitudes, N.Y.C., 1983

“… a hybrid of dance, theater, athletics, poetry, and blatant eroticism called ‘mimedance’… a body speech that touched greater depths of experience than language alone could express. There is a certain rightness about combinations that elevates a great artist from more pedestrian ranks. Niedzialkowski’s genius lies in employing generalized whole body poses in place of the more commonly seen particularity of gesture… A sense of rightness stretches his performance beyond the ordinary… goes beyond the mime’s craft of creating illusion with his body. He accomplishes this with only two tools; his own body and the human imagination. He can take an illusion and tell us a piece of the truth about ourselves.”
Dance Magazine, 1982

“… genuinely impressive. Here actions did indeed speak louder than words.”
New York times, 1982

“… an undoubted artist.”
In Step, N.Y.C., 1981

“… has the kind of physical plasticity that can carry off ‘mimedance’.”
New York Times, 1980

“Stefan Niedzialkowski, whose smallest gesture is an embodiment of poetry.”
L’Aurore, Paris, 1973